Builders Photographs

What our builders are building!

Brian Turner from Victoria - Aussie One Design

C. Aitken from Queensland - Glasair


P. Hodgens from New South Wales - Vans RV4


T. Johns from Victoria - Vans RV6


P. Karangas from Queensland - Glastar

B. Wrenford from New South Wales - Europa Classic


R. Harper from New South Wales - Murphy Rebel


K. Wickland from Victoria - Glastar


P. Ashley from Queensland - Thorpe T-18

T. Keating from Victoria - Safari Helicopter (Winner BEST ROTORCRAFT)

David Baker from New South Wales - Viking Dragonfly

G. Wickham from Victoria - Lancair 320

Richard McAliece from Victoria - Kitfox 4

Martin Hone from Victoria - Various pictures of his J6 Karatoo and RV-6. Includes air to air shot of Brian Hams Tailwind.


Paul O’Connor from Karratha, WA - RV-6 VH-POC - Paul in his RV-6 over Coral Bay in the northwest of WA. VH-POC has been flying since 30 August 2001 and has just over 750hrs on the tacho. Pictures include one with Grandson Mitchell O’Connor.


A couple of Photos of Trevor Chadwick's current building project F1 Evo Rocket from Team Rocket in Taylor Texas USA.


Ian J Baker's Glasair Super 3 RG powered by the new Lycoming IO-600, 450hp 6 cylinder



Pascal Perrouin's beautiful JetExec in Brisbane