It is easy to Join Us!

The SAAA have two financial categories of membership.

Full or Chapter Members at $190 per annum and Concessional * Members at $155.00 per annum. (1st July 2013)

Full is a member with no concession that does not belong to or wish to partake in Chapter activities.

Chapter is a member who if full rate has a contribution of $20 per annum made to the chapter of their choice for local chapter needs by the SAAA as support.

Concessional or Chapter Concessional is based on age or the government benefits scheme. No section of this membership fee is given to Chapters.

Chapters All members are encouraged to join a chapter (club) to allow for information to be disseminated and to help all members in their build and ongoing maintenance needs. Many chapters purchase specialist tools for ongoing maintenance functions for their member group.

You can join online using our secure web server (click the button to the right) or you can download and print out an Application Form and fax or mail it to us. The fax number is 02 6889 7788 . Office time is 10 hours ahead of GMT.

Alternately, Our email address is

You can also phone through your details to us on 02 6889 7777,

You can write to us at SAAA, PO Box 99, Narromine, NSW, 2821 or drop by during business hours to Building 9, Narromine Airport, Narromine, NSW.

 *(Available to pensioners, those over 65, member’s dependent family and approved TCs) To establish eligibility for a concessional rate a copy of one of the following IS REQUIRED: driver’s/pilot’s licence, passport, birth certificate, Commonwealth Benefit, Old Age Pension, Invalid Pension, Veteran’s Pension or Health Card must accompany the membership application or renewal form.

Applications should be made in writing, at time of joining or renewing your membership.  A photocopy of the current benefit must accompany the application or renewal.  If joining on-line email copy of relevant documents to or Fax: 02 6889 7788.

Those receiving health or unemployment benefits must re-apply each year for this concession with their annual membership renewal, enclosing a copy of the current benefit documents.