FSAP Overview

The Australian Experimental regulations give enthusiasts the ability to design, build and fly the world's most sophisticated light aircraft. It is no coincidence that amateur building is introducing more innovations, higher performance and lower cost aircraft in greater numbers than the rest of the general aviation industry combined. Experimental aircraft are the fastest growing new aircraft sector in Australia.

The history of aviation has taught us many lessons about airworthiness and about sound construction and maintenance practice. Amateur built aircraft in Australia have a proven acceptable safety record. The law was changed in 1998 to introduce Experimental and enable us to innovate, but the laws of physics were not repealed at the same time. To maintain and improve our safety record, our members need access to concise and accurate information guiding them to achieving safe outcomes.

The Flight Safety Assistance Program is designed to provide information to members in a convenient, systematic four part structure. The first part is the Builder's Assistance Program giving guidance in building an airworthy aircraft. Next is the Flight Test Program, guiding the member through tests to verify the flight envelope and establish aircraft performance data. The Owners' Assistance Program provides maintenance guidance to assure ongoing airworthiness. The Pilot Proficiency Programme is being developed in conjunction with other aviation groups and will be advised when finalised.

The Flight Safety Assistance Program gives our members high credibility. It enables us to obtain lower premium insurance through QBE by providing an assurance to QBE that we are building, flying and maintaining in accordance with proven industry practice.

The Flight Safety Assistance Program is free and available only to members.