Membership Benefits

Aircraft Builder knowledge base

The biggest immediate benefit to members is knowledge. As a member you have full access to our website providing you constant access to regulatory knowledge, building information and techniques along with contacts for face to face assistance from our many Technical Councilors. Unless you are a paid member you cannot see the many years of accumulated Information available to members. The SAAA has been around since 1955 and all that past knowledge is retained for member benefit.

SAAA National Council

The SAAA National Council works for our members to improve your operational approvals and communicate with CASA regarding the changing aviation environment. We work to provide members with the information they need to make good decisions regarding their particular desire in aviation. The National Council has introduced courses in various aspects of aircraft maintenance training and we are growing into this training function rapidly. Soon we hope to have some flight operations included in our scope.

Chapter Membership

SAAA Chapters are the way to learn how others build and maintain their aircraft. Chapters are our form of local club. They are the fountain of knowledge for the members. Our many volunteer Technical Councillors (past builders and/or very experienced persons in aviation) are available to all members to assist in the build of your aircraft, provide feedback on the status of your build and help you to get motivated if times are a bit slow. Chapter meetings are a good way to socialise with individuals that think like you do. This is also a great time to learn what others do and meet the friends that tend to remain for many years to come.

Work for you with the regulator and other government bodies.

There is always change in government and the SAAA regularly sist at the table with government so as to best ensure our needs are heard.  We have found over the years that you can't complain after the fact, if you want it to work you must be a part of the process. With this in mind recent wins have been the drivers' licence medical for PPL, maintenance privilege for an aircraft similar to the one you have built, flight over built up areas, IFR capability for experimental aircraft, recognition that our aircraft are bespoke custom made quality aircraft rather than assumed low quality.

FUEL Card Access

SAAA refers our members to Skyfuel (AirBP), Aero Refuellers & Mobil for access to aviation fuel. As a member you have the convenience of access to fuel across the country from all the major distributors. AVGAS and Jet A1 is available.

Please note as at August 2016, SAAA members pay the standard retail price for fuel from Skyfuel (AirBP). Skyfuel provides a small contribution from each fuel sale back to the SAAA to be used to deliver member services. Members who continue to use SAAA Skyfuel cards and purchase 1,000 litres of fuel in a calendar year are entitled to a modest discount on their yearly SAAA membership fee.

Aero Refuellers offers 5 cents per litre discount from the posted retail price at all Aero Refuellers locations.

Mobil cards are available as a convenience with no discount.


The SAAA has a 30 year relationship with QBE aviation insurance.  QBE are strong supporters of the SAAA and what we stand for.

With this in mind the SAAA is able to negotiate for lower premiums and specially modified conditions for experimental aircraft. Policies can vary to cover full hull, parts only or 3rd party if that's what you need. The SAAA has a system called the Flight Safety Assist Programme (FSAP) that members sign up to that provides QBE with an agreement that validates the discounted policy. The FSAP is designed to assist members in the safety management of individual operations using knowledge gained over many years. Details about the insurance scheme are available to members only under the members tab on the website.

CASA delegation for Certificate of Airworthiness

Authorised Person (AP), is an appointment by CASA. The SAAA AP is a member of SAAA and operates under the SAAA Procedures Manual for the issuing of Certificates of Airworthiness (C of A). The SAAA endoresed AP provides a service to members on a fixed fee for service basis that has been set by the SAAA for members and agreed with the APs that provide the service. You must be a member of the SAAA to take advantage of the reduced fee AB(E) aircraft C of A service.

*NB. Only a limited number of CASA appointed APs for the purpose of issuing a C of A are members of SAAA and endorsed by SAAA.