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Results of AGM 2016  REPORT TO MEMBERS

1.    Audited Financial Report.   

       SAAA Click Here  Adopted by the AGM, with a particular motion to accept the Treasurers
report as a true and accurate reflection of the accounts.
The $200k gift in the 14/15 year recorded as income, that followed into15/16 year as explained by professional accounting advice, and by the Auditors letter has been handled correctly within the accounting standard, was accepted by the members unanimously

       SAF Click Here.   Adopted by the AGM.

2.    Auditors Statement.    Click Here.  Accepted by members

3.    SAAA Budget.   Click Here.  Discussed and passed to new NC

4.    Proposed New Rules.  Click Here for final copy.   Adopted by greater than 75% Majority

5.    Treasurers Reports.    SAAA Here   Adopted  SAF  Here. Adopted

        Investment information - proposal Here   Left for new SAF NC 

SAAA BOARD - nine nominations were recieved for 9 vacancies.  All nine were elected.
Of the nine 3 nominated for Officer Bearers, the Tresurers position was vacant.
Tony White asked the General Meeting to confirm acceptance of Andy George as Treasurer, rather than wait for the first NC meeting to confirm the same.
Andy George was unanimously accepted as Treasurer.

SAF BOARD - no prior nominations were recieved.  From the floor the 3 vacant positions were filled by, Ian Woodhead, Gordon Griffen, Richard Talbot, by unanimous vote.

Auditors reappointed for both SAF & SAAA are Ryan & Rankmore 

Watch Member Brian Ham on C31's the Flying Show.

If you have problems viewing the above video, watch it here.


Over 350 flying machines attended the event!

Airman from all corners of GA came together to enjoy the weekend of Seminars, flying demos, Airshow, and the aviation spirit !

Grand Champion was won by John Atkinson with his Rutan Long EZ   VH-LEJ

Concorse d' elegance was won by Ken Edwards with his Carbon Cub  VH-FKE

Best Metal Aircraft was won by Peter Summersby & Guy Bator with there RV7  VH-VHF

Best Hybrid Aircraft was won by Ken Edwards.

Best Composite Aircraft was won by Anthony Bell with his Pulsar XP    VH-BTS

The Technical Innovation was won by Bob Barrow with his RV7a     VH-ESX

The Dave Darbyshire Award for outstanding contribution to SAAA 2016 goes to Norm Edmonds, Chpt 20.

Warning  MT Governors

MT Governers that have shown problems in flight.

SB31 lists the range of affected serial numbers.Here

The Governors have been commonly supplied by Vans for RV10 aircraft.

SAAA Advocates for Medical Reform

National Council is taking a number of steps to advocate for members with medical certification:
  1. We have written to Mr Mark Skidmore at CASA (Director of Aviation Safety) requesting an immediate exemption for the requirement to hold a CASA medical certificate. This exemption would apply to any aircraft with a MTOW of 600KG or less and would allow such pilots to self-certify their medical fitness. The request is based upon the established safety case of ultralight operations in Australia. A copy of this letter can be found on the front page of the SAAA website. To read the letter in full click here.
  2. We have passed a resolution to form a Medical Reform Subcommittee. The subcommittee will lobby CASA to make improvements to the RAMPC (driver’s license medical) in association with other Aviation groups such as AOPA. Members who would like to be involved in the medical subcommittee or are able to assist in other ways should send an email to stating their interest and qualifications.
  3. The medical subcommittee will be initially tasked with organising a petition to be presented to CASA seeking changes to medical exemptions.

Revised Constitution for Comment

In December 2015 a subcommittee was formed to review and amend the SAAA Constitution (which are more correctly known as the Rules in Victoria where SAAA Inc is registered). The revised Rules support:

  • introduction of Affiliate (non voting) membership categories
  • introduction of Part 149 (self administration) including the formal recognition of approved SAAA manuals and improved disciplinary processes
  • SAAA Chapters (and type groups) being formally recognised within the Rules
  • electronic voting as well as resolving a number of issues relating to timings of notice periods for AGMs
  • two year terms for national councillors in order to provide stability and enable effective succession planning.

It is proposed that the SAAA would adopt the new Rules by special resolution at the upcoming AGM. The attached document is a public draft and the committee is seeking comments from members. To access the proposed Rules please click here.

Please note that the document contains mark-up to assist members to identify the changes.

Comments can be provided via email to



If you are a current TC please go to the TRAINING tab under INFORMATION and get your copy today🛩

If you are interested in becoming a TC, we would encourage you to familiarise yourself with this document, then contact NC.

All members are encouraged to read our Training & Standards Manual.🛫

SAAA Announces Changes to Fuel Discount Scheme.

SAAA has partnered with Skyfuel and Aero Refuellers to provide members with continued access to Air BP, Aero Refuellers and Mobil carnet cards. Details are available in the member's area or click here.

SAAA Announces Foreign Exchange Discount Scheme.

SAAA has partnered with OFX (formally OzForex) to provide members with discounted foreign exchange services. Details are available in the member's area or click here.

Presidents message on additional board members.  See under NEWS tab.


Ausfly is now Oz-Kosh and will be held on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October 2016.  Courses start on 6th October.

Airsport Winter 2016


Report under the NEWS tab.

Replacement for Expiring Maintenance instrument

The new Instrument CASA 15/16 which allows SAAA members to maintain EAB aircraft under the 51% rule is available on the Comlaw website, see

This instrument is a duplicate of the expiring instrument CASA 33/13.   CASA is to be congratulated for replacing the instrument on time as promised.


Podcast on Experimental Ownership in Australia

The latest edition of the Go Flying Australia - pod cast.  Mark Newton talks about ABE and ownership of his RV6.  Thanks for the insight Mark, fly safe from your SAAA family.


see video

Airsport Autumn 2016


2014 SAF/Ausfly Documents available also SAAA 3 Year Forecast

Member Documents


MPC Advert for SAAA web-site.docxProposed courses for 2016 - these are the proposed dates and locations

Please call SAAA HQ to book a place today or email us on !


  • July - Sydney. Proposed dates 9th and 10th July.
  • August - Brisbane Proposed dates 13th and 14th August.
  • September - Melbourne 3rd and 4th of Sept 2016
  • October - OZ-KOSH NAROMINE.  October Wed 5th and Thurs 6th
  • October - Serpentine WA.     October Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd
  • November - Adelaide. Proposed dates 12th and 13th November.


  • February - Narromine. Proposed dates 27th and 28th February.
  • June - Narromine. Proposed dates 11th and 12th June.

Sheet Metal Workshop

  • October - Narromine

Members Documents Available.

Accounts and Governance Documents in this folder.

Our Constitutions are now available online..

Sport Aircraft Association of Australia Inc. (SAAA)

Sport Aviation Facilities Inc. (SAF)

SAAA Code of Conduct for National Council and Staff

SAAA Code of Conduct for National Council.pdf

Aviation Safety Regulation Review (ASRR)

The Ministerial review has been completed and has been published on the Government Infrastructure site.

ASRR Report May 2014 is available Here

Aviation Submission to Federal Minister

Linked is the detailed submission that was sent to the Federal Minister Warren Truss as reply to his Aviation Safety Regulation Review (ASRR)

Terms of reference Here

Member replies Here

Ministerial Reply Here

The individual replies from members was also forwarded as a separate .

CAO 100.5 "General requirements in respect of maintenance of Australian aircraft"

Maintenance regulations are changing. Please read

CAO100.5 to determine the changes required for your aircraft. CASA is drafting further “guidance” re Certification Maintenance Requirements or CMR.

This means the required scheduled maintenance tasks which were established during the design certification of an aircraft, as operating limitations of the aircraft’s type certificate (TC) or supplemental type certificate (STC)

Emergency Manoeuvre Training (EMT)

The Australian Aerobatic Academy are working to assist owners and operators of experimental and amateur built aircraft to learn the skills that can save your life. Minimum of six persons required.

Indicative costs (including GST) are as follows:

  • Group briefings: $99.00 per person (once-off fee covers all briefings).
  • Aircraft ferry costs: $99.00 per person, per weekend (based on 6 people at Narromine).
  • Lesson cost: $311.20 per flight (based on 0.8 hr VDO).
  • Own aircraft training: $110 / hr instructor hire plus $20 / flight "own aircraft" fee per flight.

For more information click here

Maintenance Instruments for EXPERIMENTAL and ABAA aircraft

Experimental and ABAA aircraft builders' current maintenance instrument is CASA 33/13 /p>

Instrument of exemption CASA EX180/12 defines conditions and limitations relating to Experimental aircraft maintenance.

Important explanatory CAAP 42ZC-2(0) for all amateur built aircraft

Latest information under the NEWS tab.

CASA proposed clarification of IFR instrumentation requirements.

If you are planning to equip you pride & joy for IFR or if you are an IFR operator please read the CASA project CS 13/01 as this may effect you.

You can respond directly to CASA with your submission.

IFR Safety case summary is the summary of the reply put to CASA regarding IFR argument.

IFR Safety Case is a very professional reply to CASA by our passionate volunteer members.

High Resolution Photographs

If you have high resolution photos of your pride and joy please email them to for us to use in promotion and our magazine.

 Kitplanes Safety Articles.

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If you don't have an email address or a relative who could receive emails for you, contact Head Office and we will arrange for any important information to be posted directly to you.

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