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National Council election result

The following people were elected on Saturday 21st November:

Shirley Harding

Ken Garland

Bruce Towns

Tony White

Geoff Danes

The resignation of Peter Karanges prior to the election resulted in a sixth vacancy.  Further details will be emailed to members shortly.

Ausfly 2015 video for those who missed the event!

 2014 SAF/Ausfly Documents available also SAAA 3 Year Forecast

Member Documents

Upcoming Courses for 2015:

Please call SAAA HQ to book a place today or email us on !

Proposed courses for 2016 - these are the proposed dates and locations TBA.

MPC Courses

February - Melbourne and Perth. Proposed dates for both courses 13th and 14th February.

March - Coffs Harbour. Proposed dates 12th and 13th March.

April - Brisbane and Launceston. Proposed dates for both courses 9th and 10th April.

May - Adelaide. Proposed dates 14th and 15th May.

July - Sydney. Proposed dates 9th and 10th July.

August - Brisbane and Melbourne. Proposed dates 13th and 14th August.

September - Narromine. Proposed dates 6th and 7th September.

October - Perth. Proposed dates 8th and 9th October.

November - Adelaide. Proposed dates 12th and 13th November.


February - Narromine. Proposed dates 27th and 28th February.

June - Narromine. Proposed dates 11th and 12th June.

Sheet Metal Workshop

April - Narromine. Proposed dates 23rd and 24th April.

November - Narromine

Members Documents Available.

Accounts and Governance Documents in this folder.

Our Constitutions are now available online..

Sport Aircraft Association of Australia Inc. (SAAA)

Sport Aviation Facilities Inc. (SAF)

Aviation Safety Regulation Review (ASRR)

The Ministerial review has been completed a has been published on the Government Infrastructure site.

ASRR Report May 2014 Here

Aviation Submission to Federal Minister

Linked is the detailed submission that was sent to the Federal Minister Warren Truss as reply to his Aviation Safety Regulation Review (ASRR). 

Terms of reference Here

Member replies Here

Ministerial Reply Here

The individual replies from members was also forwarded as a separate .

 CAO 100.5 "General requirements in respect of maintenance of Australian aircraft"

Maintenance regulations are changing. Please read 

CAO100.5 to determine the changes required for your aircraft. CASA is drafting further “guidance” re Certification Maintenance Requirements or CMR. 

This means the required scheduled maintenance tasks which were established during the design certification of an aircraft, as operating limitations of the aircraft’s type  certificate (TC) or supplemental type certificate (STC)

 Emergency Manoeuvre Training (EMT)

The Australian Aerobatic Academy are working to assist owners and operators of experimental and amateur built aircraft to learn the skills that can save your life.Minimum of six persons required.

Indicative costs (including GST) are as follows:

Group briefings: $99.00 per person (once-off fee covers all briefings).

Aircraft ferry costs: $99.00 per person, per weekend (based on 6 people at Narromine).

Lesson cost: $311.20 per flight (based on 0.8 hr VDO).

Own aircraft training: $110 / hr instructor hire plus $20 / flight "own aircraft" fee per flight.

For more information click here

 Maintenance Instruments for EXPERIMENTAL and ABAA aircraft.

Experimental and ABAA aircraft builders' current maintenance instrument  is CASA 33/13 

Instrument of exemption CASA EX180/12 defines conditions and limitations relating to Experimental aircraft maintenance.

 Important explanatory CAAP 42ZC-2(0) for all amateur built aircraft

CAAP 42ZC-2(0) is the explanatory document for all things Experimental and ABAA.

 CASA proposed clarification of IFR instrumentation requirements.

If you are planning to equip you pride & joy for IFR or if you are an IFR operator please read the CASA project CS 13/01 as this may effect you. 

You can respond directly to CASA with your submission. To read the details of Project CS13/01 click here.

IFR Safety case summary is the summary of the reply put to CASA regarding IFR argument.

IFR Safety Case is a very professional reply to CASA by our passionate volunteer members.

 High Resolution Photographs

If you have high resolution photos of your pride and joy please email them to for us to use in promotion and our magazine.



 Kitplanes Safety Articles.



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If you don't have an email address or a relative who could receive emails for you, contact Head Office and we will arrange for any important information to be posted directly to you.

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